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Forum Rules

1. No Spamming

Make It Relevant

Please refrain from posting off-topic messages with unrelated content, with the intention of reaching users who would have otherwise not selected to intentionally consume such content.

2. No Racism, Sexual Harassment, or Derogatory Language of any kind

Be Kind

Surta Incorporated does not allow any kind of derogatory or discrimination and any posts that contain this will result in a ban

3. No Advertising other Gaming Servers or Products

Keep it Surta

The act of advertising another community or products that are not from Surta is strictly prohibited. We don't advertise in your communities, please be respectful and don't do it in ours.

4. Do Not Post Personal Information

Privacy is key

Please refrain from posting any personal information from either yourself or other users. We all are entitled to some privacy while using the internet and in this community privacy is protected.

Do Not Create Multiple Accounts

One is enough

The use of multiple accounts otherwise known as Alts is not allowed and if an account is noticed and known to be an alt it will be deleted. Further violation of this rule can result in an IP ban.

6. Do Not Share Account Information

It's yours and yours only

Please do not share your account information with anyone. Staff has no way to track if multiple people use an account and it could result in your account being punished for something another person said or did while on our forums.

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